Dark Dice is a horror themed Dungeons and Dragons (5e) actual play podcast. Our very diverse team is made up of players, musicians, actor, and crew members from around the world. The game started off as a one-off adventure and evolved into something much greater than any of us could have conceived. 

Travis Vengroff (DM/GM)


"Yes, I really am trying to kill you."
Based out of the US (Portland, Oregon), Travis is the Creator, Producer, DM, Lead Sound Designer, Music Director, and Editor of Dark Dice. Travis is a Dungeon Master and Worldbuilder with over 25 years of experience running the same world. Travis is also the creator of Liberty: AFTER, a 5e-based sci-fi system. You can hear his other stories on The Liberty Podcast feed.

Hem Cleveland (Rowena Granitepike)


"Tread carefully, it might be a trap."
Based out of Iceland, Hem is the voice of the team's bard, and the individual responsible for the transcriptions and creative direction of Dark Dice. Also the DM of The Lucky Die podcast, she's a nerd and world building genius. While Hem can also be found in a number of other roleplaying podcasts and Twitch games, she is also a voice actress with numerous books on tape and podcasts to her name. She enjoys puns, eggspecially egg puns.

Eyþór Viðarsson (Father Sindri Westpike)


"The Light of Pelor will protect us."

Based out of Iceland, Eyþór is the voice of the team's cleric. He is also a regular voice on The Lucky Die podcast! Eyþór is a native-born Icelander from the island Vestmannaeyjar, just off the south coast of Iceland. After moving to the capital for higher education, he quickly discovered his love for podcasts, audio plays, and the art of voice acting. He has played D&D for many years and is both Iceland's most famous D&D personality and voice actor.

Peter Joseph Lewis (Soren Arkwright)


"I'm not sure I can be trusted anymore."

Based out of the US (Colorado), Peter is the voice of the team's ranger and the probable murder suspect who has gained infamy through his work on The NoSleep horror Podcast. When not portraying vicious monsters or serial killers with cannibalistic tendencies, he spends his time in a cabin deep somewhere near a Small Town just plotting, writing his own works of horror. Though none can be certain of his exact location, it’s believed that he lives near a desolate mountain pass littered with unmarked graves.

David Ault (Iaus Innskeep)


"Your gods are useless here."

Based out of England, David is the voice of the team's rogue. In addition to being an award winning voice actor on numerous podcasts (including NoSleep and The White Vault) he has degrees in maths and astrophysics and is known as a storyteller, actor, science festival organizer, maths, and science tutor, and an astronomy talker for hire.

Kaitlin Statz (Sister Tsavorite Cavernsfall)


 "We will end their suffering!"

Based out of the US (Portland, Oregon), Kaitlin is the voice of the team's paladin. Kaitlin is the writer and creator of the White Vault, VAST Horizon, and Liberty: Tales from the Tower. She has a BA in Anthropology from New College of Florida and a Masters in Archaeological Sciences from the University of Oxford. Her interest in history and lore stems from a place of cultural and scientific understanding. She is also an artist with a love of supernatural fiction, cartography, and archaeological illustration.

Kessi Riliniki (Flygia of Zarketh)


"There is something wrong with these woods."

Based out of Germany (Northrhine Westfalia), Kessi is the voice of the team's druid. Kessi is the writer, creator, and lead voice actor on the fantasy epic - Counterbalance. Kessi is a moderator on the Audio Drama Hub, and an artist who has created the covers for many shows including The White Vault, Small Town Horror, Aural Tradition, and A Scottish Podcast. Kessi are also known for their infamous pack of internet famous bunny rabbits. We're not making that up...

Sarah Buchynski


"That's going in the bloopers."

Based out of Canada, Sarah is the dialogue editor of Dark Dice. She is the creator of Polarity Audio Works (PAW for short) an audio-engineering service with a passion for everything sound. Sarah goes through every episode, removes the silence, cuts the "um's", and makes life much easier for the rest of the editing team. Sarah also did the sound design for the first half of Dark Dice: Season 1.

Marisa Ewing-Moody


"We need more screaming."
Based out of the US (DC), Marisa is the audio engineer and primary editor of Dark Dice. An audio engineer, composer, sound designer, and musician with a love of audio, Marisa graduated with two B.A.s, one in audio production and the other in music with a specialization in film and game sound.

Steven Melin (Composer)


"Can we add more cello?"

Based out of the US (Atlanta), Steven is the lead composer of Dark Dice's music. Steven is most known for his epic music on over 30 television shows and ad campaigns across FOX, NBC, CBS, Tru TV, BBC, & Sony Pictures Television networks. He also enjoys scoring dramatic films, crafting authentic 16-bit video game soundtracks, and creating new soundscapes for fantasy podcast series. In a nutshell, he loves telling stories through sound.