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The three eyes of the silent one, a scary monster, glares at the onlooker.

The Silent One

Legends speak of the Silent One, an ancient monster which preys on those who enter the Dead Pines at night. In ancient times, some revered it as a god. The Silent One is said to delight in the sorrow of children. It is said to be the guardian and gatekeeper of the resting place where a Nameless God slumbers. The Silent One is also said to gain pleasure from stealing the faces of the living.

The Silent One stands before a ruined, blazing city. A raven flies in the foreground.

The Nameless God

The Nameless God is a being which predates the oldest gods of men, elves, and even dragons. It is said that it will one day awaken from its slumber and bring about the Age of Ruin. Some writings suggest that a herald from the Darklands will be the one to awaken the Nameless God.

Skeletons hanging from trees in a bleak forest.

The Dead Pines

The massive, dark, and ominous forest derives its name from an older time when the corpses of enemy soldiers from an ancient war were strung from its trees. More recently, travelers have reported seeing decaying corpses of mutilated animals and more recent bones hung in the trees near Ilmater's Hope, presumably belonging to local criminals.